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      Madurai "Sri Gayathri Narayana Sabha" is being run by a religious minded dedicated couple Kavinga Koodal N. Raghavan and Acharyar Adippodi. "Alwargal Vazhi!,AruliCheyal Vazhi !" is our prime motto.We do this as Bhagavath Kainkaryam to Sriman Narayanan.Other than the founder couple whoever worship Lord Sriman Narayanan, is our Sabha member.Divyadesa Kainkaryam is our way of life. Since Kavinga Koodal N.Raghavan is a famous and reputed Astrologer, We don't suggest any pariharams to anybody but tell them to do Thirumanjanams, Archanas, and Aradhanas in divyadesams as suggested by Alwars .

      So that some remote village divyadesams get devotees and nithya aradhanams. We Spread Alwars divyaprabhandams throughout the world as a solvation to ordinary people's problems and a way of attaining gods Divya Gnanam. We bring this in book and cd forms. The inner meanings of pasurams (Swabhadesa Arthas) are brought in simple tamil version and set to tune in light music and sung by famous singers.Music Concerts , Upanyasams, Astrology Speaches, Dance programs etc are taking place in our Sabha regularly.

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      About the president: Kavigna koodal N. Raghavan is a born Kavignar. He has written so many social poems on Important issues of society. He has written so many Theme kavithas (poems) on Divyadesams. His main Objective is to bring songs for each divyadesams based on Alwars Nalayira divya prabhandams i.e., the inner meaning of Alwars prabhandams relative to the particular divyadesam in light music sung by famous musicions.We are bringing songs for all 108 divyadesams one by one. Now we have brought CDS for the following divyadesams under the common title, " 108'l Alwargalin Manam "

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Astro News

    A Mega Project on 108 Divya Desa's songs - The extracts and essence of Azhawar Pasurams Pertaining to each Divya Desams Azhwar wise in light music and in todays easy tamil version –" 108'l Azhwargalin Manam"-CDS