Bhagavath Kainkaryam is our way of life

The President : Kavigna Koodal N. Raghavan
Secretary : Acharyar Adippodi
Members : All Persons who worship Lord Sriman Narayana Throught out the Universe.

      About the president: Kavigna koodal N. Raghavan is a born Kavignar. He has written so many social poems on Important issues of society. He has written so many Theme kavithas (poems) on Divyadesams.

His main Objective is to bring songs for each divyadesams based on Alwars Nalayira divya prabhandams i.e., the inner meaning of Alwars prabhandams relative to the particular divyadesam in light music sung by famous musicions.We are bringing songs for all 108 divyadesams one by one. Now we have brought CDS for the following divyadesams under the common title, " 108'l Alwargalin Manam "

    1. Thirupathi (2 CD's) Part I & II Thenea Thiruvenkatam
    2. Thirumogur and 3.Thirukoodal ( Thirumogur Apthanum Thirukooda lazhaganum (single CD)
    4. Thiruvallikeni Thiruvallikeniyan seer ( with Bhagavath Geethai Meaning Chapter wise )
    5. Thirukkolur and 6. Thirukkurugur(Thirukkolur Rahasiyamum Thirukkurugur piranum - Part 1&2)
    7. Thirumalirunjolai(Kallazhagar) -- Thirumalirunjolai Vanjakkalva. Part-1 and Part-2.
    8. Kothai Pirantha Govindan Vaazhum Oor – Srivilliputhur.

These songs are all in simple Tamil, Easily understandable by the common man also and following the ways and methods shown by Alwars. We strictly adhere to the Vaishnava Sampradayam and continue our duty to make use of Alwars Arulicheyal to bring good fortunes in common man's life.

We feel it is our duty to the people of our world. ( Kadal soozhntha Mannulagam Vazha ) Wherever the songs are heard they get the blessing of Sriman Narayanan. Kainkaryam is our way of life:

Koodal N. Raghavan is not only a kavignar but also a famous Astrologer. He predicts not only ones future but also gives guarentee to solve peoples problem with the blessing of Koodalazhagar Miracles happening through out the world and his promises are kept without any bargain. Whatever comes out of astrology, it is used for our kainkaryam and no pariharams told. Only kaikaryams in divyadesams ( For furthur details click Astrology columns)


With the blessing of Sri Koodalazhagar, and his order, the President of the Sabha, Kavigna Koodal N. Raghavan had written 'Sri Mathuravalli Sametha Sri Koodalazhagar Mangalasasanam'. When it was released in koodalazhagar Temple some 12 garudalwars came prathakshanam around the Ashtanga Vimanam of the temple. So Jeer Swamy and other Acharya swamy told that all 12 Alwars are hearing his mangalasasanam. So the Name Kavigna Koodal N.Raghavan.

We have printed thousands of copies of this mangalasasanam and distribute free of cost through out the world. Wherever and whoever read this Mangalasasanam they get their problems solved in no time.
(See the gallery for mangalasasanam video)

Book: 108 Divyadesa yathra Divyanubhavam:

The Book consist of 804 pages of A4 size and weighs 1.250kg. All Details of 108 divyadesams are given in the book. The moolavar, Utsavar, Thayar, The poses of deity whether standing, sitting, sayana position, Theertham,Vimanam, the persons who got the visions, Sthala perumai, Alwars who had done mangalasasanam, their divyanubhavam about that particular divyadesam from their pasurams, the total number of pasurams relating to the divyadesams and so on are given completely.

Apart from the details Alwar, Acharyas Avathara Thiruvuruva colour posters, Purana, Abhimana sthalas are given. The route map to the divyadesams are also given in the book. Koodalazhar mangalasasanam is also given in 740th page. The sanskrit version by the U.Ve T.R. Sadagopachari, Thirukannapuram vidwan is also kept.

MP3 – 108 Divyadesa yathra divyanubhavam:

In Alwar Thirunagari, Nammalwar sat under tamarind tree for 32 years and worshiped all divyadesa lords in his place itself. Based on this incident all important decisions were taken in Bhagavath Ramanujer's life. Keeping this in mind our sabha has brought all details of the divyadesams given in our above book in MP3 format which consists of 3 discs running for 21 hours. By this we can sit in our house and hear it day by day and enjoy it. It is a practical way of worshipping divyadesams in our house itself.

108'l Alwargalin Manam (Tamil Songs)

1. Thenae Thiruvenkatam – Part 1

      There are about 205 pasurams by all 10 alwars ( except Mathurakavi and Thiruppanazhawar ) for Thirupathi the Swapadesa arthas of these pasurams were brought under the respective Alwars heading in 20 songs in 2 parts and in light Music:

Part 1 Music By - K.V.Ramanujam
Sung By - S.R. Veeraraghavan
Mrs. Usha Raj
Part 2 Music By - K.V.Ramanujam
Sung By - Srikanth
- Bhavadharini
- Sravya
- Parameshwaran
- Jaya Srikumar

      Main features of the part 2 CD is Srinivasa Kalyanam. There is a song in Kurvanji in which lord Srinivasa comes as Kurathi and tells the fortunes to Padmavathi and gets married to her. The Kurathi uses the words about the nature of the 7 hills ( Thirumala ) and its potentials, The slangs of the people in the mountain. Whatever Alwars mention about the mountain, the same words are used in that song (part 1 is a VCd and part 2 is a Acd)

2. Thirumogur Apthanum Thirukoodalazhaganum:

      Thirumogur is a divyadesam very near by madurai. Nammalwar had done mangalasasanam in 12 pasurams to this divyadesam. The essence of these pasurams were kept in 5 songs in this CD.
      Thirukoodal is a divyadesam and is in the centre of the madurai city near periyar bus stand. Thirumangai Alwar gave only one pasuram to this divyadesam. Periyalwar sang Thiruppallandu to this lord and it is being sung in all divyadesams during sattrumarai time. This essence of these pasurams are given in 2 songs. When all the religious great personalities gathered in Pandiya Raja Sabha and tried to prove their religion, Periyalwar proved that lord Sriman Narayana is the only one true Paramporul and got Porkizhi (i.e., 14 lacs Varagans of Gold ) He had done that with the help of veda vakiams and it was given in 2 songs in tamil. Apart from these songs Kavigna Koodal N. Raghavan 'Sri mathura valli sametha Sri Koodalazhagars's Mangalasasanam' also takes place in this CD. It is an Audio CD.

3. Thiruvallikeniyan seer:

      Thirumangai Alwar. Thirumazhisai, Peyazhwar had done mangalasasanam in 12 pasurams about Thiruvallikeni partha sarathi swamy. The essence of these pasurams are given 5 songs. Thiruvallikeniyan seer means Bhagavath geethai by Lord Krishna taught Dharmas to Arjuna in Mahabharathawar. There are 18 chapters and 700 slogas in Bhagavath geetha which are given in 5 songs in simple Tamil. It is an Audio CD.
Music By           H.Ananthu,
Sung By           Baby R.Gayathere Rangasri, H.Ananthu, Mukesh, Mrs. Usha Raj Prabhakar, Mrs. Janaki Iyer, Srinivas, Deepa                       Shika, Krishna Raj.

4. I "Thirukkolur Ragasiyam

      1) Thirukkolur is the birth place of Mathurakavi alwar. He wrote 11verses " Kanninun siru thambu " on Nammalwar not on Bhagavan. The Saramsams of this is kept in the Cd as a song

      2) Vaithamanidhi is the deity of this temple on whom Nammalwar wrote 11 Pasurams and the meaning of which is kept in 2 songs.

      3) "Thirukkolur penpillai Ragasiyam" is a great grantham which tells the conversation about vedhantha rahasiyas held between Sri Ramanujar and a lady who left Thirukkolur for her livelihood. This is also kept in the cd as a song.

      4) When a time all the divyaprabhandham disappeared, Sriman Nathamunigal chanted "Kanninum Siruthambu" 12000 times and got all the prabhadhams from Nammalvar. At that time Nammalvar gave him Bhavishya Aradhana Perumal " Bhagawath Ramanujar" idol(approximately 500 years before Sri Rasmanujar's birth) also. All this vaibhavams of Mathurakavi, Nammalvar, Nathamuni and Sri Ramanujar are kept as a song in the cd.

II Thirukkurugoor piranum

      5) Thirukkurugoor is the place where Nammalvar sat under a tree and delivered all the Prabhandhams. Athipiran is the deity of this temple on whom nammalvar wrote 11 pasurams which (the meanings of this pasurams ) we kept in the CD as 2 songs.

      6) Nammalvar worshipped 36 divyadesams sitting under the tree. Out of this 36 divyadesams, Navathirupathi 9, Malayala thirupathi 13, other pandiya, chola ,and north thirupathis 14. Navathirupathi Gauradsevai is a famous thiruvizha. Each song for these3groups in a different styles( In 36 divyadesams the main kalyana kunam of each deity Come in this ACD.

Lyrics By:           Kavigna Koodal N. Raghavan,
Music By:           Kalaimamani K.v. Ramanujam,
Sung By:           Prabhakar, Jayasrikumar, T.K.S. Kalaivanan, Usha Raj, Uma Ramanan

5. Thirumaliruncholai Vanjakkalvan Part- 1

There are 128 pasurams for this Divya Desam called Azhagar Malai in Madurai.

In Part- 1 only songs are there for 70 pasurams. Apart from this the main fesativel of Madurai is the Chitra Poornami. On this day Kallazhagar comes to vaigai river for giving Moksham to Manduga Maharashi. The Real True Story of Chitra Poornami festivel is given elaborately in the CD. Sri Andal had submitted Akkaravadisil and Butter to Azhagar in the form of Pasurams and after some centuries gone Sri Ramanujar in his period really submitted those Prasadhams to Azhagar and got the name of " KOILANNAR" FROM Sri Andal . These vaibhavams and THE RECEIPIE OF AKKARAVADISIL AND other prasadhams submitted to Azhagar are given in these CD.

Lyrics: Kavigna Koodal N. Raghavan
Music By: R. K. Sundar
Sung By: Manikka Vinayakam, Veeramani Raju, Mukesh, Pallakhad Sri Ram, Prabhakar, UshaRaj, R.Gayathre Ranga Sri, R k Sundar, Kavigna Koodal N. Raghavan

6. Thirumaliruncholai Vanjakkalvan Part- 2

The total number of pasurams for Thirumalirunjolai is 128 and in which the songs for 70 pasurams were given in part -I of this CD. Balance of 58 pasurams meanings are given in part -II.

Apart from this, koorathazhvan, the great poet, Granthaacharya and right hand of Srimath Ramanujar, who was separated from Ramanujar by Chola King and lived for 12years in Azhgar Koil, wrote "SUNDARA BAHUSTHAVAM" on Azhagar peruman. In this he wrote the beauty of Azhagar in slokas from 33 to 78 the meanings of which is given as a song in this CD.

The azhwar acharya vaibhavam of Kallazhagar koil proving that He is the "Sampradhaya perumal" is given as a song.

The last and the best is "The Malai Song" Azhwars enjoyed the Azhagar malai in different names and words in all their pasurams. These words are collected and coined in a beautiful order and given as a song and it was beautifully sung. You get the benefit of performing the "voyabhya yagyam"

Lyrics: Kavigna Koodal N. Raghavan
Music By: R. K. Sundar
Sung By: Palkhat Sri Ram, Veeramani Raju, Usha Raj, Prabhakar, Manikka Vinayagam, Padmalatha, R. A. Sudhavalli, Kavigna Koodal N. Raghavan, Baby Gayathre Ranga Sri

7. Kothai Pirantha Govindan Vaazhum Oor – Srivilliputhur

This is the 8th Divyadesam CD in our "108'L Alwargalin manam " series. Srivilliputhur is the birth place { Avathara place } for Kothai Andal and her father Perialwar alias Vishnuchithar. Perialwar and Andal sang only 2 pasurams [ each one pasuram] for this divyadesa perumal Vataperumkoiludayan. But Andal sang Thiruppavai 30 pasurams and Nachiyar Thirumozhi 143 pasurams here only.

She imagined Srivilliputhur as Ayarpadi, the birth place of Krishna, Aaichiyars her friends and Vadaperumkoiludayan as Krishna. In Aaipadi, those days, the elders asked their ladies to observe Kathyayani viratham for the sake of bringing rain to Aayarpadi. But they all observed Kathyayani viratham to get married to Krishna. In the same way Kothai Andal also observed Margazhi Viratham for30 days to marry Krishna. During these days she called her friends and worshiped Krishna in Thiruppavai 30 pasurams . We have given the 30 Thiruppavai Pasuram's inner meanings [Swabadesa artham] in 3 songs. "Varanamayiram " and "Karpuram Narumo" of Nachiyar Thirumozhi inner meaning in 2songs .

Alwars, Acharyars Vaibhavams in a song. She enjoyed nature very much in her Nachiyar Thirumozhi. We have kept the same words as she used in Thiumozhi to send message to Krishna [Thoodhu] through Cocoo [Kuil] , Peacock [Mayil], Parrot [Kili] and Clouds [Megam] in a song. The tamil version fo Godha Sthuthi by Vedhantha Desikar is given in a song. The highlight of the CD is that till date we don't have a Bharathanatiyam song for praying Vishnu [ Pushpanjali] . In Sri Vaishnava samprathayam we first pray Thayar and then pray Bhagavan by putting pure and beautiful flowers . Praying Thayar first is called Purushakaram. We have done the song as said above by using the words of Andal in her Thirumozhi with Jathis and Swaras. This Pushpanjali song is the first of its kind in Bharathanatiyam World and Srivaishnava samprathayam. Enjoy hearing these songs and get blessings of Sri Andal Sametha Sri Rangamannar of Srivilliputhur.

Creative Head : Acharyar Adipodi
Lyrics : Kavigna Koodal N. Raghavan
Music : R. K. Sundar
Sung By : Smt. Usha Raj, Smt. Sandhya Parthasarathy, Selvi Ramya Durai Swamy, Selvi R. Gayathre Ranga Sri, Sri Ganapathy Sri Palkad Sri Ram, Sri Prabhakar and Kavigna Koodal N. Raghavan

Kavigna Koodal N.Raghavan's 108 Thiruppathi yathirai:

      This is a collection of 108 Divyadesam. First, gods 5 stages i.e., Param, Vyugam, Vibhavam, Antharyami, Archai are first kept in the CD. Then sayana thirukkola divyadesams come next. Then standing posture and then sitting posture divyadesams come in the order. Almost 80% of Moolavar Thirukkolam are shown in the CD. Lastly Sri Mathuravalli Sametha Sri Koodalazhagar mangalasasanam is also given in this CD. It is a VCD & DVD.

      Music By           -           M. Ashok
      Sung By           -           Jayanthi Krishna Moorthy and M. Ashok.

When you hear these CD's automatically you will get the blessing of god.
We feel it is out duty and service to the universe and we share our feeling with you all.
(Azhwar Emperumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Sharanam)

Sabha's Publications and Releases

108 Divyadesa Yathra DivyanubhavamBookRs. 420/-
Chitthiraither Valava Thiru ChakkarathaiBookRs. 50/-
Maran Ner Nambi NadagamBookRs. 50/-
108 Divyadesa Yathra Divyanubhavam (Running time 21hrs)MP3(3 discs)Rs. 800/-
KavignaKoodal N.Raghavan's 108 Thiruppathi yathriraiVCD & DVDRs. 200/-
108'l Alwargalin Manam
Thenea Thiruvenkatam Part 1VCDRs. 200/-
Thenea Thiruvenkatam Part 2ACDRs. 200/-
Thirumogur Apthanum, ThirukkoodalazhayanumACDRs. 200/-
Thiruvallikeniyan seerACDRs. 200/-
Thirukkolur Rahasiyamum, Thirukkurugur Piranum Part-1& 2 2 ACDRs. 200/-
Thirumalirunjolai vanjakkalvan Part-1ACDRs. 200/-
Thirumalirunjolai vanjakkalvan Part-2ACDRs. 200/-
Kothai Pirantha Govindan Vaazhum Oor – SrivilliputhurACDRs. 200/-

(This price is only in India. Courier Charges Separate)

    Easy Way of getting Darshan of 108 Divya Desam as shown by Swamy Nammazhwar and previous Acharyas and practicality of this as accepted and encouraged by todays Acharyas and Jeeyar swamys -"108 Divy Desa Yathra Divyanubhavam Book"

    A Mega Project on 108 Divya Desa's songs - The extracts and essence of Azhawar Pasurams Pertaining to each Divya Desams Azhwar wise in light music and in todays easy tamil version –" 108'l Azhwargalin Manam"-CDS

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