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      A Staunch devotee of Madurai Sri Koodal Alagar Perumal gives solution to all your Problems. Daiva Vakkuraignar, Jothida Nipunar, Gayathri Upasakar, Vasthu specialist. KAVIGNA KOODAL N.RAGHAVAN Solves all your Problems.

With the blessing of Sri Koodal Alagar, miracles are happeining. Businessmen, Government officers, cine stars, Politicians, family persons , students problems and enjoying the benefit of 'Arul Vakku' by getting their Problems solved with in a short period.

If you have Cronical diseases. Issueless Problems in Married life, your Childrens Education, Problems in Work Place and job, Hurdles in getting married, Business problems, Property matters, long pending court cases, seperation from family, worries and having everything in life but no peace.

Come to us. With the blessings of Sri Koodal Alager all your problems get solved like a dew before sun. No Pariharams. Only Salvation.Pariharams at times work out. But not always. But our Almighty never fails in his words. He always keeps up His words to save mankind. So we take shelter under His blessings.

We suggest only simple poojas in Divyadesams and recital of some prabhandams. Write your problems clearly and correspond with your family horoscope or write your date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth.

Contact in Person with prior appoinment to get Arulvakku.

Send DD (or) MONEY ORDER in favour of N.Raghavan, Payable at Madurai.

We accept online payments also.

All Your fees will be utilised for Bhagavath Kainkariyam Only.


To Capture the Colorful moments of your life, Come and Enjoy 'ARUL VAKKU' And get your problems solved.

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